Halloween 2017

For Halloween this year I convinced my boyfriend to go as Jack and Wendy Torrance from The Shining.  Simple costumes to put together, nothing too expensive, and bonus; we both LOVE the book and movie.
We were able to knock out all of his costume and most of mine in one trip to Savers.  The only missing piece was Wendy’s oh-so attractive over all dress.
After some internet searching, and 5 different shop stops around town I found these bad boys in the Men’s clearance section of Forever 21 for a grand total of (drum roll) $12!

Of course they can’t be worn as shorts! That’s not the costume!! So after ripping out the seams and figuring out how to use my mother’s (very old) sewing machine she gifted to me, I redid the hem into a shorter skirt.

I do my have any full body shots of the costumes because we’re idiots and just got excited to be out with friends.  Enjoy the photo dump below!

Hope everyone’s Halloween was fun and safe!  What did you all go as??


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