Manes, Tails, Hair Poofs, Oh My!

So the Baby Mobile I have been working on for my friend has many pieces to it.  And each piece has details that add to the individual characters. As these are animals, they have tails, ears, find, manes and tuffs of hair.


To get these little pieces completed I decided the best options was to attach each individual ‘hair’ to the animal itself.  The original plan was to find furry fabric and sew a tail, mane or hair tuff, then attach to the doll.  However, none of the furry fabric was the correct color.

I am afraid I do not know if there is a technical term for the technique I used to anchor the strands of hair, but as a child I completed a lot of latch hook projects.  The method for anchoring these was the exact same way, only without the weird tongue on the hook!

Trying to make the manes, I utilized one of the patterns for another evolution and anchored the pieces onto it.

Over the last weekend I actually completed all 9 of these things, and was able to visit the baby!


For privacy reasons, I will not be showing her face, I believe you understand.  But here she is napping with a couple!  She was an absolute doll!  Though she does not understand what they are yet, she did have the CUTEST smile when her mother and I were showing them all to her.

Next week I will unveil them all!

Thank you!


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