Baby Mobile (In Progress)

My best friend had a baby!!

When my best friend of almost 20 years told me she was pregnant, I was SO excited for her!  We had spent the year prior getting all the arrangements for her bachelorette party and wedding completed.  All of which we had been talking about since young school girls.

My friend has loved Pokémon since then, and all the way through now.  Of course she was part of the Pokémon Go hype.

So, when  she announced her pregnancy, we had to figure out what I could make for the baby that she and her husband would love.   Once the baby’s sex was determined, we agreed on making a mobile of Eevee and all the evolutions.


After some research, we found a pattern that we both loved, and afterworking on making the gauge work to the size of a mobile, I set to work!

As the pattern was for worsted yarn, I needed to make something that would fit in the size of your palm.  The only item I could think that would work for a size that small was Embroidery Thread.

A skein of embroidery thread is 8 yards, which means I needed a lot of thread for 9 little guys.

So after a few hours of collecting all of the needed supplies, I was ready!

This was a LOT harder than I expected!  I had never worked with this small of a thread before, and it really strained my eyes.  But, I like to push myself past my comfort zones, so I kept going!

Almost Giving Up

After working on a few and putting them together as I went, I realized that this just wasn’t going to work for me.
The pieces were very small and I found myself not excited to work on them.  Multiple times I joked with my roommate that I was just going to call my friend up and tell her I burned them all.  But after showing her the first two completed ones, and hearing the joy in her voice and the seeing the excitement in her eyes, I knew I couldn’t.

Coming Closer to the End

Multiple people have now seen the works-in-progress as I have friends who like to brag about this project.  And EVERYONE has only had amazing, positive things to say.  Thankfully!  So I powered through!

After creating all of the pieces first, I started sewing them together.  And they look (excuse my French) cute as hell!

Some have particular characteristics that make them a bit more difficult to complete, but they’re coming together well!

I’m trying to complete all the tiny embellishments of th at this point, so I’m going to have to cut this post here.  But I promise that there will be better pics once they are all done!

Thank you for the read!!

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