Hello there!

My name is Val, and this is my attempt at keeping a crafting blog!  Now, I must warn you, I am very bad about finishing projects.  I am such an enthusiastic project starter, and get less motivated halfway through a project.

That being said, I am hoping that starting this journey will help motivate me to finish projects, and keep me accountable for them.

A few things to expect along this journey:

I have been crocheting and knitting for YEARS (over 10!).  I have dabbled in some scrapbooking over the years, cross-stitching and recently picked up jewelry making. I intend on updating projects as I go, and putting my process, thoughts, and final feelings on the projects so I can remember how it was to create each item.

I will also be posting prior completed projects so in case I wish to reference them in the future.

Now I can’t guarantee that I won’t occasionally get off crafting topic.  I will talk about trips or weekend adventures as they happen.  It’s just bound to happen!

But, let’s just figure this out as we go!  So welcome to the chaos!

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