Boyfriend Blanket

This blanket has a funny back story to it. Now, as many crafters may be able to relate to, if I do not have something in my hands to do, I get fidgety.   When my boyfriend and I started seeing each other, we would hang out and end the night at his place watching... Continue Reading →

White Christmas

A Christmas gift I was particularly fond of was this knitted matching Wine and Soap cover. Very simple to make, did take a bit of time as I'm slower at knitting than I am at crocheting but I think they turned out darling! This gift set was for a good friend and we share our... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2017

For Halloween this year I convinced my boyfriend to go as Jack and Wendy Torrance from The Shining.  Simple costumes to put together, nothing too expensive, and bonus; we both LOVE the book and movie. We were able to knock out all of his costume and most of mine in one trip to Savers.  The... Continue Reading →

Manes, Tails, Hair Poofs, Oh My!

So the Baby Mobile I have been working on for my friend has many pieces to it.  And each piece has details that add to the individual characters. As these are animals, they have tails, ears, find, manes and tuffs of hair. To get these little pieces completed I decided the best options was to... Continue Reading →

Complete Mobile Pieces

First things first, I must give credit for these patterns to Evelyn Phan, the creator of these adorable dolls!  Here are some links to her websites that I utilized: Ravelry DeviantArt But now, for the dolls!  First is the original, Eevee.  She was the first one made, and one of the easiest. The next one... Continue Reading →

Baby Mobile (In Progress)

My best friend had a baby!! When my best friend of almost 20 years told me she was pregnant, I was SO excited for her!  We had spent the year prior getting all the arrangements for her bachelorette party and wedding completed.  All of which we had been talking about since young school girls. My... Continue Reading →


Hello there! My name is Val, and this is my attempt at keeping a crafting blog!  Now, I must warn you, I am very bad about finishing projects.  I am such an enthusiastic project starter, and get less motivated halfway through a project. That being said, I am hoping that starting this journey will help... Continue Reading →

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